2020/08/06 20:16    作者:Grace Lin

API,Application Programmable Interfaces
AR/VR,Augumented Reality / Virtual Reality
ARPU,Average Revenue Per User
BBF,Broadband Forum
BBU,Baseband Unit
BEMECS Basic, Economic, Market, Enterprise, Consumer, Spectrum indicators
BYO (X), Bring-Your-Own-X
CBRS, Citizens Broadband Radio Service
CDN, Content Delivery Network
Cloud RAN, Cloud Radio Access Network
COTS, Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CPE, Customer premises equipment
CSFB, Circuit Switched Fallback
CVC, Corporate Venture Capital
DAS, Distributed Antenna Systems
DL, Deep Learning
eMBB, Enhanced mobile broadband
EMF, Electromagnetic field
EPC, Evolved Packet Core
ETSI, European Telecommunication Standards Institute
FTTH/P, Fibre-To-The-Home/Premises
FWA, Fixed Wireless Access
Gbps, Gigabits per second
GCC, Gulf Cooperation Council
GDP, Gross Domestic Product
GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation
GEO, Geosynchronous
GHz, Gigahertz
GST, Generic Slice Templates
HTTP/2, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol 2
IAB, Integrated Access Backhaul
IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force
IMS, IP Multimedia Subsystem
IMT, International Mobile Telecommuincations
IoT,Internet of Things
IT, Information Technology
ITU-R, International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunications Sector
JSON, JavaScript Object Notation
KT, Korea Telecom
LEO, Low Earth Orbit
LPWA, Low Power wide Area
LTE, Long Term Evolution
LTE–M ,LTE –for Machines
MEC, Multi-access Edge Computing
MENA, Middle East and North Africa
MHz, Megahertz
MIMO, Multiple input Multiple output
MW, Megawatts
NB-IoT, Narrowband – Internet of Things
NDAF, Network Data Analytics Function
NEF, Network Exposure Functions
NFV, Network Function Virtualization
NFV/SDN, NFV/software defined network
NPV, Net Present Value
NR, New Radio
NSA, Non- standalone
OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFCF, Operational Free Cash Flow
OFDMA, Orthogonal Frequency Division Mulitple Access
OPEX, Operating Expenditure
OTT, Over The Top
PC, Personal Computer
PMP, Point–to–Multipoint